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Pretty good game, i like how hard it gets,needing to do everything much faster, the artsyle and characters are very great is very good. the controls sometimes have a little problem that i think sometimes don't jump or it a little slow (? i don't know say it.
Though the throw it doesn't have much but just to kill the enemies, maybe it can be use in a way to deliver the boxes much faster besides walking to the door, and what velocity you need to throw the box. Because i find something in the game that you can throw the green box and it stops by hitting the wall, falling at the door and delivering it without getting damage, but all that i have to do it without stopping or the box don't fall in the door and it breaks.
I though that was something of the game but i think it wasn't, because you can't do it with the other boxes , but yeah i see throwing the box can be a little more useful requiring to do it more faster or for certain parts that needs it, instead for just killing enemies but i don't know if this is going to be continued with adding some more levels or stuff.
but beside that is very fun.

I like the difficulty of this game it was very hard,and the art style and music was very good,it is a very fun game good job.

Very fun game i like it so much,the music and everything is so good,really good work.

Very fun game,i really like the puzzles,i love it.

I finished all the levels perfectly and the last medal did not unlock?
mmm that bad what a bad luck,really good game i like it.
edit:now it works amazing.

really fun game,I like the mechanics it has and its music,really good i like it very much.
happy pixel day!

amazing work everyone,you always do a fantastic work,merry tankmas and happy holidays.
i see you all in the next year.

i don't expect something like this in this octuber,really fun game it's amazing,i like so much the art slyte,music and sounds.

good game,i like so much the gameboy style and the story,i would play it again to see what else there is of him.

it's to hard,I love how difficult it is and enjoy completing it.

Hi! i'm Facundo, i do some horror and bizarre monsters and post apocalyptic world.
And sometimes i do other stuff.

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