Hi! i'm Facundo, i do some horror and bizarre monsters and post apocalyptic world.
And sometimes i do other stuff.

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facundocristianvazqu's News

Posted by facundocristianvazqu - February 13th, 2024

I wanted to spend more time in other things in my life like being more with my family, taking care of my health and try to be more social, trying to be more outside. Sadly this 3 years wasn't very good for me, it slow me down in so much stuff in my life, so i'm still recovering from it.

I don't know when i'm coming back to upload drawings again, i kinda don't like uploading a drawing and leaving for months, with my computer getting worse, having everytime so little space for some of the drawings.

I'm not able to do much at the moment, we're having problems with money too so i'm going to focus in trying to help my mom the best i can even if i'm still sick and stressed.

(And one last thing, sorry that i was silent and i didn't say something last year about what i was doing, honestly i don't like talking about myself or talking about other stuff on the internet, i just want my accounts to be about my art.)

Sorry if i have some misspelling or errors, i'm still struggling with english sometimes.


Posted by facundocristianvazqu - October 9th, 2022

Every time I feel less like doing things, I feel like I'm running out of energy to continue with everything and how I'm getting more and more locked up in the cube, unable to go out and see only the days go by through the window, but for me the sun does not rise again it remained in absolute darkness,the only light I have is the one of the room that one day will also stop emitting light, everything will remain as something incomplete and unsatisfactory that I will not even have any reason to continue moving and just staying in bed, the only thing left for me is to sleep and start the cycle again.


( i will take a long break now because this days i was not doing really good :(. i don't know when i will be back maybe in december if i'm feeling better.)


Posted by facundocristianvazqu - September 30th, 2022


HAPPY HALLOWEEN EVERYONE! AND HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME,damn,it suck that i didn't have something prepare for this days but well it is what it is,i was really busy with other stuff and sometimes i couldn't draw because i was very tired,but well i will see if i can finish some things of the comic tho and some other drawings that i couldn't do last year.


Posted by facundocristianvazqu - September 2nd, 2022

Progress of a cover for one of my first comic i'm making called "The cat in the roof" ,maybe it will be finished for october but i don't promise anything,it will come out later for english because i'm doing it in spanish first.



Posted by facundocristianvazqu - July 12th, 2022

i'm starting doing music here in Newgrounds and Soundcloud,go check it out some of the music i made if you want.



Posted by facundocristianvazqu - March 31st, 2022

Hello everybody,hope you are doing good,sorry for just uploading a drawing for month,i was doing some school stuff,taking care of my health and doing exercise.Maybe i will upload art more often but I think it will be some practices that i am doing to keep improving my art,studying about anatomy,perspectives and other things,start making music too but i don't know will see.

Well i decided to talk here again because i was bored,i want to talk a little if you want ask me anything.


Posted by facundocristianvazqu - December 31st, 2021

I hope you have a amazing year!



Posted by facundocristianvazqu - November 27th, 2021

Now that i finished the school i can go back to do drawings again! and maybe to start doing comissions but i'm not going to be able to do it online.

Here is a drawing i did in school,we were doing expressionism and we had to draw the scream art with random colors and paper colors,i really like how i use the colors in this.


Heres another one but this is still in progress.


that all i have for now,i'm happy that i'm back to draw.


Posted by facundocristianvazqu - October 1st, 2021



Posted by facundocristianvazqu - September 10th, 2021

I was making a list for me to do this october but since i was really busy about school i was not going to finish the list.

Then i decided to share it for fun,like an art challenge list for october,if anyone have interest for participate.